We just got two kittens and it’s blowing my mind.

Hi there folks!

My name’s Nasreen (or Kairt, depending on who you ask) and I just got two wonderful new kittens, Batman and Lily. Let me introduce you to them…

Name: Batman 

“Anyone can be a hero…”

Age: Approx. 5 months, born March 28, 2012

Likes: Running back and forth, stalking anything that moves, gazing down at the world through his window to ensure that all is well.

Dislikes: Getting his fur brushed, his nails cut, his teeth brushed. Why? Well, let’s just say, he’ll heliski if he wants to.

Talents: Chirping, sneaking, fighting, destroying, giving excellent stealth cuddles.

What do the fans have to say about him? 

Because he’s the hero Nasreen deserves, but not the one she needs right now. So we’ll pet him. Because he can take it. Because he’s not our hero. He’s a silent guardian, a watchful protector. Awwwsocute. – A Friend

Name: Lily


Age: Approx. 4 months, born March 8, 2012. 

Likes: Following her loved ones around to ensure all is well, tagging along even when she knows its a bad idea, showering us in purrs and cuddles so that we’re left with her lingering love throughout the rest of the day.

Dislikes: Getting her fur wet, being told certain areas are forbidden to her, anyone messing with her baby bird.

Talents: Telling us when she wants to be fed and petted, levitating herself to the highest point in any room, especially in pursuit of a feather, and winning hearts.

What do the fans have to say about her? 


You may have noticed, they are named after some pretty awesome characters. My husband and I figured, well, what could make kittens even MORE awesome? If they were named after heros! Batman and Lily Potter, respectively. So there you have it – Two Geek Kittens have joined our Geeky Household.

Would love to see more geekery! Know of any quirky cats with some geektastic names? Do tell.

(I would also like to note, that I had to resist naming either one of our cat-children after Portal memes).